Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment System Rental

The success of multilingual communication at international conferences and business meetings largely depends on the use of internationally recognized standard technical equipment. We provide professional set up and rental of simultaneous interpretation systems.

AV Image partners with Bosch, a world leader in Simultaneous Interpretation engineering, who provides us with the best of most technologically advanced language audio distribution solutions for interpretation equipment.

Armed with 30 years experience, we have bridged language gaps to allow free exchange of ideas at highly sensitive & confidential board meetings and high profile international events by supplying Bosch Integrus Interpretation Solutions, a state-of-the-art technology which is also used by the United Nations.

Bosch Interpretation system is highly flexible and interference-free with exceptional audio quality. It can cater to event spaces of any size, whether it is a single meeting room, multiple rooms or a huge event space. Privacy is also guaranteed as its Infrared radiation cannot pass through solid structures, such as walls and ceilings.

  • Full line products of Barco Event Master, Analogway Livecore – Video processor/switchers. Internationally-recognized ISO-compliant soundproof interpretation booth to keep your interpreters perform in an ideal work environment.
  • Large inventory of 8-32 channel Infra-Red receivers that cater to small meeting rooms as well as large convention halls that give your audiences access to all languages.
  • Bosch certified SI technicians to manage your multilingual meetings.

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