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Technology to help overcome the language barrier

With globalization, international contacts are increasing as we live in an age of communication. People from all over the world from all sorts of different cultures, races, religions and backgrounds, speaking different languages, often get together to discuss issues related to cultural, political, legal, etc. Therefore, the demand for understanding and the ability to communicate effectively has been highly increased.

Managing and overcoming language barrier can be complex for companies looking to do business in the international market. At AV Image Systems, we provide variety of language translation systems and equipments ranging from personal portable FM systems to large area installed multi-channel infrared systems to match your needs.

Language translation system is the use of computer system to translate text or speech from one natural language, called the source language into the target language. This process is carried out by professional language translators.

Besides language translation systems, we also offer language translation services. All our translators are highly certified and well experienced. They translate all types of languages for legal, technical, non-technical, education, commercial and general that is geared towards an international market.

As well as fully formatted translation to and from English in the most popular languages such as Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian, our professional translators provide quality assured mother-tongue professional language translation such as Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Portuguese as well as Indian languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and more.